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What is a Brand Book?

A Brand Book is simply an online go-to-document, yet it provides important information about your brand including design variations, spaces, fonts, background and color usage; in short all information about your brand.

INGIC Design creates online customized brand book for your individual brand and guides you to stand out from the crowd.

Why do i need a Brand Book?

Your brand book creates a cohesive experience for the person interacting with you. It helps to flesh out what your brand identity stands for in a meaningful manner.

So if you don’t have a brand book yet for your brand, waste no time to reach us.

How will a Brand Book
benefit my business?

The Brand Book is your business Bible that teaches you, your business’s internal and external stakeholders on how to adapt, grow and thrive with the brand.

Establishing an actual brand format is the hardest part of the battle, and INGIC Design can help you win it with style.

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Bringing you one of a kind branding solutions that help your brand to break the clutter and assure your piece in the crowd.

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